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Rupert Sanderson Lofty 69Knmr98
By Kelley Kirtley

NC350 Network Attached Storage Backup Appliance

While many people are choosing to backup data across the Internet to the cloud, others prefer retaining data within physical reach on a backup appliance. This makes good business sense, considering that when disaster strikes the speed of transfer from cloud storage could take days compared to hours for a backup appliance. When it comes to most modern server computers, their backup data is either streamed in pieces over the Internet to the cloud, or transferred onto storage media that’s either directly connected or attached to the local network. In this article we’ll document the performance of local storage by doing real world backup benchmarking using a popular backup program.

For this performance testing, we’ll begin by looking at the backup process, and how it’s impacted (or limited) by NAS speeds or DAS performance. We believe that an average Windows server in 2015 holds around 200GB of data (average server size goes up over time). Manyadministrators maintain a daily incremental backup cycle, and refrain from doing “full” backup jobs because the job can take more than12hours.

StorageCraft ShadowProtect Backup Job in Progress to High-Rely NetSwap NC350

As can be seen in the screenshot above data going to any of our Gigabit Ethernet connected NetSwap backup systems using StorageCraft ShadowProtect occurs at around 100MB/s. At this data rate, a 200GB average server would only take about 33 minutes to a single backup disk. Using single High-Rely disks have the advantage that physical media (and the data) can then be removed from the NAS backup system and preserved atan offsite location to ensure ‘air gap’ security. If your data set is much larger than 200GB (i.e. in data intensive industries dealing in video or photos) the time needed for backup to the cloud is even more impractical. Cloud backup forces you to an incremental upload scheme (continuous incremental forever) with a synthetic roll up. With large data sets (multi-Terrabyte servers), Direct Attached Storage (DAS) or 10GigE NAS speeds with removable drives may be required for periodic full backup.

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) systemsuch asour Calvin Klein Typoko T Shirt Cheap Sale Classic Free Shipping With Paypal High Quality Online AvtxY
can provide multiple layers of protection including local, removable, and cloud storage. In our higher end models the box provides yet another layer of protection, “Disaster Recovery”. These machines are capable of becoming an emergency server (often called a BDR or Backup and Disaster Recovery box).

You can expect even faster backups if your backup appliance was configured with 10GigE and the destination disks were RAID-6 or RAID-10. These more sophisticated arrays provide more efficient data protection (in the sense that they use fewer drives for a given array). They may also increase speed by using multiple spindles. These modes are supported on the new Netswap 400 and 800, but the disks are trayless and meant to stay in the array on site (not hot swapped), meaning the cloud is the most practical way to get data offsite on these models.

Last year, “CPMs peaked in mid-to-late March, were consistent from mid-May to the end of June, rose steadily through August to a high in September, and were high throughout all of October, NovemberandDecember,” Gielen writes.

For additional findings, check out the study in full at Eastbay Sultan of Geo Reversible Shorts Clearance Perfect Cheap Collections Excellent For Sale cRLoD07h

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A conversation with Kara Goldin, founder and CEO of healthy lifestyle brand hint. Register Now »
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